Around The Table


It was a different view of the Thanksgiving table this year.  This past summer I discovered that a number of food intolerances were causing my almost constant feeling of being sick.  Which meant that gluten, dairy, cocoa, pork, beef and yeast were taken out of my diet completely.  If you know anything about these ingredient you took one glance and realized that 80% of a Thanksgiving dinner is on that list.

I went to my sister’s house prepared with my own turkey, potatoes and gravy.  Fortunately for me wine is not on that list so I figured I was all set.  There are traditions that I never knew I would miss.  Crafting your plate so that the wrong foods don’t touch each other, trying to get the perfect meat, potato and bread combination.  My Mom’s fresh home made cinnamon rolls, pound cake, pumpkin pie.

Then I looked around the table.  Only one sister was missing this year.  I was holding my 2 week old nephew in my arms.  My son happily talked to his aunts and my husband was right there beside me.  The food is not the tradition.  The time spent with people I love is the tradition.

Happy Thanksgiving!


This post is part of my Five Minute Friday.  Every Friday Kate Motaung posts a word prompt.  I then take that word and write about it for five minutes.  Then publish it for you to see.  I’ve had a wonderful time participating in this group and would love for you to join us (Click Here).  To read all my Five Minute Friday posts go to my Notebook Five Minute Friday.


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