30 Thanksgivings

Today I’m thankful for:

  1. My husband taking care of the morning duties
  2. The fact that I can walk
  3. My son – always wonderful to wake up to his hugs
  4. Coffee (though I need a french press if anyone want to get me one)
  5. My car – Love you Ms. Scarlett
  6. Being a single car family – quality time with my husband & son driving to and from places
  7. My spot down by the river where I do my meditations, devotions, drink coffee (that doesn’t cost $10) all with a great view and in the comfort of my car.
  8. Asking God to help me believe that He can do the things that He’s leading us to.  Then having Him answer through His word. – Providing finances for a house so we can start taking foster kids is nothing compared to bringing dry bones to life.
  9. I’m so thankful for a Doctor who listens, investigates and gives me options
  10. Having a game plan to start getting me back to running
  11. Being reminded that I’m not in pain from all the medical things my poor body has been through.  That those are over and this too will be healed.
  12. My husband’s job – for letting him out of work to go to the Doctor with me and to our son’s school
  13. Hot soup on a rainy day
  14. Knitting – yay for new Christmas stockings
  15. My son’s school
  16. My son’s teachers and all the wonderful work they do
  17. The wonderful thing my son’s teachers had to say about him
  18. Rainy days running to and from the car getting soaking wet
  19. Crock-pots
  20. My son’s friends and him going out to play in the rain
  21. Quite time sitting with my husband on the couch
  22. Family time doing devotions and discussing the day
  23. Good night kisses
  24. A warm bed with a big comforter to go lay in
  25. The opportunity of Arbonne and the life that it makes possible for us to live
  26. Big Dreams
  27. Good friends
  28. The Holiday Season – Yes I’m listening to Christmas music
  29. Writing
  30. Knowing that I am the Daughter of the Lord of Heaven’s Armies


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