Look in Their Eyes

Look them in the eyes.  Say it to their beautiful faces.  Tell these mothers and fathers.  Explain it to the child that lays cold and dead on the shore.  What do you say to them?  Put down the microphone, turn off the cameras.  You don’t get to look at a TV prompter or your notes.  I want you to look at these children.  When you signed the paper to turn them away did you realize you signed it in their blood?  Are you proclaiming these un-lived lives casualties of war?  Are they acceptable collateral damages?

Is that not what you are saying? Oh they just can’t come here.  Then you are leveling your gun at these faces filled with fear.  What are you scared of?  Where is your war?  Has it destroyed everything you’ve ever known? These little lives are the only answer I need.

I’m absolutely ashamed to say that I have avoided reading about Syria until Paris happened.  I loved my “comfort” too much.  I couldn’t handle the “emotional stress” that it would put on me.  There wasn’t anything I could do about it.  Then as if shaken from a dream Paris happened.  Now I have read articles, looked at pictures, I have cried tears that I never thought would stop.  As I tuck my son into his bed tonight my heart is so heavy.  He’s all clean because he just took a shower.  His biggest fear is that he won’t get good grades.  He’s never been to a funeral, never been near death.  I’m so incredibly thankful for the life my son will have as I tuck him in bed after prayers are said.

What will it take America?  Do these have to be pictures of our own children before we return to our faith.  Dust off the Bible that you have in your house.  Read about God’s heart for these children.  We throw around Bible verses that support our cause: “Don’t judge lest you be judged.”  What about the rest of the book.  Have you read it at all?  Open it and read it like any other books and see what happens.



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