Dance Therapy

What would you say if I told you that dance is the greatest therapy for couples there is?  I’m not talking about whatever it is that kids are doing now.  I’m talking about ballroom, swing and salsa.  

1). Stand face to face.  Both there for the same purpose.  Both desiring to just enjoy being with each other.

2). Place your hands in the proper positions.  Hold each other too tight and you won’t be able to move.  Hold each other too loose and neither of you will know what to do.  It’s a firm but comfortable grip.

3). Men: place one hand at the small of her back.  This hand is going to communicate all instructions.  If it’s barely touching her she will not receive the instruction, if you push her around with it you will set her off balance.  A light pull means forward to her.  A lessening touch means move back.

4). Ladies: place one hand on his chest.  This is your only form of communication with him so use it wisely.  Do not try to control him with this hand, it will end up pushing him away.

5). Now your feet. His foot, her foot, his foot, her foot.  No one is in front.  No one is behind.  It’s an intertwining to allow you the best chance at not tripping up on each other.

Do you see?  He leads.  She follows.  His movements are subdued but anchor the dance.  Hers are beautiful, flowing and catch everyone’s eye.  Neither party could accomplish the same thing without the other.  When you dance you learn how to communicate without words.  It is an art that is dying out.  Both dance and beautiful marriages.

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