To: Food

Dear Food,

I would like to clarify that this thank you card is written to food.  Not to any bi-products, knock offs, chemically mutated or genetically altered abomination that some people consume.  

Thank you for your hard work to sustain my body and keep me healthy.  Your amazing diversity and characteristics are not unnoticed.

I know that it has been a hard couple of decades for you, as people have turned to cheaper imitations.  The industry flooded with things that are cheaper, easier, faster and poisonous.  I am so sorry for the abuse you have suffered.

As for us, well as you know, I have blamed your for things that are not your fault. I truly so love to spend time with you. I look forward to many wonderful hours in my new kitchen preparing and enjoying each other’s company. I plan to show you off to all my friends when we have a bigger place. Fancying you up with our friends – wine and dessert.

All that to say thank your for everything you do that goes unnoticed, thank you for the joy that you bring to myself and my family. I look forward to many more wonderful days together.

Your friend & admirer,


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