To: Baristas


Dear Barista,

I mean this with all my heart, I’m pretty sure you are one of my favorite people in the world.  It doesn’t matter who you are, how bad of a mood you are in or even if you make my coffee right.  You in-body my escape from my day to day life, my rescue from lack of sleep, my comfort when I’m sad, my friend to celebrate with when I’m happy.  You are the bomb!!!! Then when I don’t think I could love you more you put a fancy milk foam thingy on my coffee.

Thank you for waking up early so that I can stop for coffee at 6am.  Thank you for staying up late so I can work until the wee hours of the morning with a hot cup of coffee.  Thank you for putting up with those of us who don’t appreciate you.  Thank you for putting up with my glee at seeing you when you aren’t awake yet.  Thank you for remembering my “usual” order.  I can’t even tell you how special that makes me feel.  Thanks for taking the time to ask me how my day is and even set down and talk if you aren’t to busy.

Always & Forever ~ Your Biggest Fan,

Aubrie Smith



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