How to Want Something (Day 30: Bacon)

From the moment that the first slice of bacon hits my pan she is right there, under my feet, looking up at me with these big brown puppy dog eyes.  “You are making that for me right?” Seems to be the question that she’s asking as she tilts her head to the side.  She is sure, that some how, someway she is going to get some of the bacon.

Watching my sweet cocker spaniel, Esme Jane, wait for “her” bacon has always fascinated me.  She is sure that it’s hers.  She’s excited about it.  Ready for it.  Patient as the whole family eats their bacon.  Then, no matter how much is left, she is beyond excited when she gets some.  Of course she does always come back for more.  Not in a greedy way, more in a that was wonderful can I please have some more, way.

What would it take to be that excited?  She’s so excited, her little heart and mind are just going crazy.  She’s so sure that she’s going to get some and she never thinks about “what if” she doesn’t.  Does not care less what the cats, who are watching her judgmentally, think about her excitement.

There are so many times that’ve I’ve missed these simple lessons that this pretty girl can teach me.


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