Slamming Doors (Day 25: Crash)


It shakes the walls it’s so loud.  Don’t worry I’ve made sure all the pictures on adjoining walls are well secured.  After all it seems like this happens every night.  I know it doesn’t but when it’s just happened and you hold your head in your hands it’s really hard to remember anything but slamming doors.  My son is in his tween years and boy do we feel it around here.  Mostly in the form of slamming doors.  I’m not making an excuse for him.  It’s just kind of a fact.  Yes we have actually taken the door off the hinges… but guess what… there are more doors in the house and I’m not taking them all off.

When the inevitable happens, stomping off and then the crash of the door being slammed closed, it always makes me ask myself “what am I doing wrong.”  The answer of course is, “nothing.”  There is not one thing that I can fix that I’m doing wrong.  It’s just an ongoing battle for my sons heart.

This post is part of the Write 31 Days Challenge. To see the rest of the posts in this challenge, click here


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