Sisters (Day 26: Whisper)

Whisper - Sisters



More giggling.

What on earth were we up to?  The four of us often ended up piled in the oldest sister’s (#1) water bed.  We would try to be good.  It just didn’t always work.  The whispers would get louder, the giggling more often, then the poor #3 would bust out laughing.  It was always her who got in trouble.  


Though I assure you someone tickled her or made her laugh.  Then you would hear my Dad’s booming voice, “Girls go to sleep.”  As a Mom I now realize the pause before the instructions was probably because my Mom and Dad where having to pull themselves together after laughing at our shenanigans.

Oh but the conversations we had.  Princes who would come and take us away.  How many children we would have and what their names would be.  What kind of house we would have.  Of course we would all live close together.  I remember laying there in the dark, holding Caroline (the doll my Mom gave me on my first birthday) and dreaming of the endless possibilities.  Then drifting off to sleep.  

I miss those whispered talks, the comfort of my three sisters being next to me, knowing that we could take on the world.  It was a simpler time and a wonderful place.  Now we all live in different states: Georgia, Tennessee and Oregon.  Those whispers will always be missed.


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