What is Joy? (Day 23: Joy)

Dear Reader,

You, like so many others, have probably defined me as: a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.  I can understand your misconception.  Joy is so full of wonderfulness – how could you not try to add words to my meaning like happiness.  I’m just afraid that you have missed the point of me.  I’m not meant to mean the feeling or show of pleasure or contentment.  I exist outside of those things.  I’m so much bigger than pleasure and so much more than contentment.  You see dear reader, I am a response to the knowledge that the Lord of Heaven’s Armies is on the throne.  That He loves us and that whatever is happening He is in control.

I believe you all became so confused when we stopped talking about God.  You could not define me without Him.  So you made me small.  I hope you can see that I am much bigger than happiness.  You don’t have to be dancing around and smiling for me to exist.  You are “considering it pure joy” when you rest in the knowledge of who God is.



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