Taking Them Up On Their Offer (Day 17: Offer)

“If something goes wrong while you are gone she can call us and we’ll come over and help.”

“Thank you so much.”

Fast forward 48 hours

“Honey if it’s that bad you need to call them.”

“It’s not THAT bad.  It’s just bad.  I hate to bother them.  What difference are they going to make anyway?  I just don’t see how calling them is going to help the situation.”

This is the situation that I have ended up in more than once.  When someone makes a sincere offer, you are open to it when they first say it and then the situation comes up and you can’t bring yourself to take them up on it.  Is it pride getting in your way?  Is it some kind of weird guilt that you can’t handle the situation by yourself?  Who are you really protecting?

What is it that makes us Moms do this?  If it was our Mom or Sisters we would take them up on it.  They are just a friend and not that close of a friend.  My parents are across the United States.  My sisters are 1+ hours away.  It’s not like they could even get there in time to help.  I feel alone, overwhelmed and broken so why can’t I take them up on their offer?

My honest answer is:  I don’t want to call because I feel like I’m admitting I can’t handle it.  I’m not calling because I don’t want anyone else to know what’s going on.  I’m not calling because of me.


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