Stop Being Patient!!!!! (Day 13: Patience)

“I’ve made a mistake,” said the older woman laying on the hospital bed. “I spent my whole life not being able to wait for the next day, the next month, the next year.  The thing is I never enjoyed the day I was in.”

This old woman would have been me.  My life was so busy.  I couldn’t wait to get to the weekend.  On the weekend I couldn’t wait to get back to work and working on a trial.  I couldn’t wait for my son to get old enough that he could stay home by himself.  I couldn’t wait for my daughter to be in college.  I couldn’t wait for… well that was the thing.  I couldn’t wait for “anything” and when “anything” happened I was to busy not being able to wait for something else.

Tell me honestly.  Is this you?  Ok so maybe not on such a bad scale, but are there just things you can’t wait to be done with?  Even just getting done with work or maybe the work week?




WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR THEN!!!!! What on earth have you done that you deserve to live a life with this much torture, with this much waiting?  Why don’t you do the things today that you enjoy to do.  Why don’t you start living your life and stop killing it.  After 8 very long, but very educational years, I said I was done waiting.  I was going to go home.  I was going to find a job that let me live me life.  Enjoy my family.  Enjoy my days.  Stop always looking forward to tomorrow.  That’s when my job found me.  Well really Amy Blick found me.  She picked up a phone and asked me, “In five years if nothing changes what will your life look like?  Will you be happy with it?” Hell no I wouldn’t be happy with it!!!! I would be looking forwards to five years later when I would…

Killing your own life takes all kinds of awful forms that looks so much like doing the right thing and being responsible.

“I have to stay home with the kids and live on rice & beans.”

“I have to work 60 hours a week to pay my bills”

If it starts with “I have to…” then watch out.  I’m sorry, what is it you have to do? And who is it who told you, you have to do that?  Now stop trying to find a loophole… I worked for a law office remember… if you “have to pay your bills” then something just isn’t right.  Why aren’t you living a life of abundance and what’s keeping you from it?

What does this all have to do with patience you might ask?  Stop being patient!!!!  You heard me.  STOP BEING PATIENT.  Start living your life, start loving your life, start being thankful for your life.  Patience happens when you stop always waiting for something to happen and instead you enjoy now.

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