Come Watch The Storm With Me (Day 12: Storm)

Sitting there, lights off, the sound of the wind, the rain, thunder.  The unmistakable smell of the sea & storm mixed together.  The feel of a slight mist reaching you through the screen and a warm cup of coffee steaming in your hands.  It’s summer, but a storm can not be truly appreciated without a cup of coffee.  The rich taste of coffee (some off brand from the store on my college student budget) with a hint of sea salt from the mist.  Enjoying the senses are amazing.  Then you open your eyes.  The wind blowing the trees, the waves crashing into the little pier, the lightening striking the water and showing off the powerful clouds.  If you watch and wait you might even see a water spout or two.

I love the ocean.  I love it sunny, warm and full of wonderful adventures.  But I adore the storms!  The power, the majesty!  I’ve been asked before if I was scared.  “No,” was my reply. “What is there to be scared of?  If God wishes to sweep me away in a storm then I will go willingly.  If not I will sit here and enjoy watching the glory of His strength.”

It amuses me to no end that the location that I remember so fondly isn’t there anymore.  It was wiped away by a very powerful storm.  As if God was saying, “yes if I wished I could take you, but there is much for you to do before I bring you home.”

This post is part of the Write 31 Days Challenge. To see the rest of the posts in this challenge, click here


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