Ready in a little boys world? (Day 10: Ready)

Are you ready?  Are you sure?196742_4703314882_5879_n

Ready for not sleeping?  3am feedings?  Diapers exploding in carseats on your way to dinner?  The smiles?  Making your child laugh?  The falling asleep in your arms and making your heart melt?  What about when they do something they aren’t supposed to but it’s so darn cute?

Ready for crawling?  No?  Yes? Looking around and realizing your little bit has managed to make it all the way to the next room on their tummy while you were talking on the phone? Ready for them falling out of their crib on their first attempt to escape and wacking their little head on the floor?  Ready for the endless putting them back in the toddler bed until they stay?

199110_4703324882_6521_nFor you Moms of boys: are you ready for dirt, trucks, legos?  Having a war in the living room, complete with castles and dragons (the dog)?  The first day of school?  Baseball, basketball, soccer, karate, archery… and any other sport that they could possibly play?  Do you know how to fix an action figure that was wounded in the battle going on in your kitchen while you are trying to cook?  How about the bike’s chain that fell off?  Ready to walk into the ER holding your child who is bleeding from a head wound and having to get staples in his head? Are you prepared for them not needing you as much as they need their Dad?  How about that minute when your 12 year old all the sudden is an 8 year old again and needs you to be their Mommy… just for a minute?  Farting? Being bullied at school?  Scratching balls? Secret Forts? Poison ivy?

I now know that I wasn’t ready when this all started.  No one really asked me.  They handed me the most wonderful little boy wrapped up in a blanket and no matter what came I was ready for all of it… for him.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this little man!200022_4703344882_7858_n

This post is part of the Write 31 Days Challenge. To see the rest of the posts in this challenge, click here


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