How do you define trust? (Day 9: Trust)

To get me started today I went and looked up Trust in the Urban Dictionary.  Oh my!!! Is that what we think trust is?  Most of it seems to be explaining what trust isn’t.  How about this one: “TRUST is what you expect from people close to you.  It’s giving everyone you know a lighter, and cover yourself in gasoline.”  Our worlds definition of trust.
I have to say that I’m not really sure where this word is going to take me this evening.  So many different things come to mind:
– Trust in God
– Trust in God’s Plan
– Trusting my husband
– Trusting my son
– Do people trust me
I keep just coming back to the word: Trust. Over the past 2-3 years I think this word has changed in my mind.  I’ve always thought that trust is something you earn.  I was shocked the other day when I realized that I wasn’t trusting God in an area.  Well that threw my ideas on trust out the window.  If God hasn’t “earned” my trust then who can?  Then there was the time that I violated my husband’s trust… it didn’t take 5 years, 3 weeks or even 2 hours for him to forgive me and never once did I doubt that he trusted me.  Well damn it!  So what is trust?  An extraordinary confidence in someone or something.  Can trust be broken.  I’ve come to realize with enough effort anything can be broken.  Can trust be earned… well sure it can.  What do I trust? I trust in God.  I have an extraordinary confidence that whatever is happening God is in control and everything He does is for His glory and my good.  Like so many other things in my life, I find that defining trust is only possible because I know God.  Outside of knowing God… I would probably sound like the Urban Dictionary.  Able to only define what trust isn’t and hope that some day I will find what it is.

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