The Closest Place to Home on Earth (Day 5: Home)


Home, while describing a physical location, also tends to have more emotional significance then a house.  A house is 4 walls and a roof.

For me home is a location, but not the one you might think.  For me Home is my church, Calvary Chapel Chattanooga.  From the moment I step on the campus I have a sense of being home.  Friends yelling hellos, Moms chasing kids and the noise of my family gathered together in one place.  The greeting before I ever even step in the door, the smell of coffee, the hugs from friends and the overwhelming peace that comes with being home.

I want to say more.  I want to explain how my home is really in heaven but my church is the closest place to heaven I’ve found on earth.  A place filled with people who love God, where the word of God is preached and the praise of God is glorious.  That’s all the time I have for tonight but take a minute and really think about where home is for you.

#Write31Days #CalvaryChatt #CalvaryChapel #Lifeology


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