‘Ohana (Day 2: Family)

The idea of a family: Close relationships, unconditional love, people to lean on no matter what, there during good time, there during bad times, who you call when you get a flat tire, the house you go to when you need to cry, the people who know you and love you anyway.
This is how I see family, but family is just not the right word.  ‘Ohana a word that to me has nothing to do with blood and everything to do with love.  I can’t say that my ‘Ohana is big at all.  In fact it’s really just my son, my daughter, my husband and I right now.  The thing that makes me excited is that it won’t be that way much longer.  As we each build friendships at school, work, church and other places I can already see my little ‘Ohana growing.  These relationships are not easy to build, they often require trusting someone long before they trust you, but when you are ‘Ohana you will know it.

#Write31Days #Ohana #MyDream


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